Summer Hangs On

The “Great Minnesota Get Together” begins on Thursday!  Having lived in Minnesota for four years now, I’ve come to appreciate the fair’s popularity amongst native Minnesotans.  I hear the latest addition to the State Fair menu is…ready for this?…lamb testicles.  Yup.  My friend recently lost a bet in which the loser has to gargle down tasty lamb testicles.  Poor girl.  I gotta be there to see that.

The Minnesota State Fair has occurred on the same fairground since 1885.  “There were some years when the fair was not held because of war, disease or logistical reasons. These years are: 1861 (Civil War) 1862 (Civil and Indian War) 1893 (Columbian Exposition) 1945 (fuel shortage because of WWII) and the last time the fair was not held was in 1946 due to an outbreak of Polio.” according to the State Climatology Office.

State Fair around 1900. Photo: Minnesota Historical Society

Some State Fair Stats:

Hottest: 97° August 24, 2003
Coldest: 36° September 1, 1974
Wettest: 9.48″ 1977
Driest: 0.02″ 2003

This year’s fair weather looks pretty typical for late summer.  Opening day could see a few showers in the afternoon but the heaviest rain and thunder holds off until Thursday night.  There will be another chance of rain Saturday.  Temperatures through early next week will stay above normal.  Gone is the cooler air, we are now back to our typical warm summer of 2012.  A few 90s cannot be ruled out the next few days.


Thursday: Increasing clouds, an isolated thunderstorm but the heaviest rain will most likely hold off until Thursday night in the metro. H: low 80s

Friday: Sunny, dry and hot. H: upper 80s

Saturday: Mostly cloudy. Showers and thunderstorms increasing into Saturday night. H: mid 80s

Sunday: Rain ends early, gradual afternoon clearing. H: low 80s

Monday: Partly sunny. H: near 80°

Tuesday: Sunny. H: low 80s


Minnesota’s apple crop is ready for harvest…a good two weeks earlier than normal.  Minnesota had a very warm March which helped the apple crop tremendously but it also left it vulnerable to April frost.  So while the apple crop is early this year, they will be in fewer numbers.


Lance Armstrong may have to face doping charges now that a District court in Texas has dismissed his appeal against the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).  Back in June, the USADA charged Armstrong, along with other former team members, of “doping and trafficking of performance enhancing drugs.”  This is a tough legal battle where motives are questioned and reputations are tarnished.  The whole process could take months even years.  CNN has a good breakdown of Lance’s legal fight.

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