August 2012: Coolest in 14 Months?

The free air conditioning feels good, doesn’t it?  I took my parents to the Twins game on Sunday under those thick overcast skies.  Temperatures stayed in the 60s all day and that cool breeze cut right through you.  I admit, as much as I hate being cold, the cooler air felt refreshing.

Sunday’s high temperature was 68 degrees.  According to the local climatological data this was the coolest day since May 31st (high of 66).  So far, temperatures this month have been running below average.  If this trend continues, then we could end up with the first cooler-than-average month since May 2011 i.e. the first in 14 months!  This might just happen since the Climate Prediction Center’s 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook shows a good chance of below normal temperatures for the central U.S., including Minnesota, from August 18-22.


Dry, good riding weather is expected through Tuesday night.  Thunderstorms approach Wednesday and continue into Wednesday night.  Trails may get wet but at this point it doesn’t look like a complete wash out.  The metro area trails may only see 0.25″ by Thursday morning.  Another surge of Canadian air arrives late this week with highs staying in the 70s.  Some of the favored cold spots may even see lows in the 30s this weekend!

Tuesday: Partly sunny. H: near 80

Wednesday: Becoming mostly cloudy and breezy.  Heads up…severe thunderstorms expected. H: near 80

Thursday: Morning clouds then general clearing. Cool and windy. H: low 70s

Friday: Mostly sunny.  Comfortable day for riding. H: low 70s

Saturday: Mostly sunny and Fall-like. H: low 70s

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