Temperature Roller Coaster

Waterskiing in Lakeville. Photo courtesy Amy Solinger

::Sigh:: Summer.  I’m trying not to get depressed that the season is almost over.  We had a very warm July with 14 days at or above 90°.  The climate data isn’t fully tallied yet but this will be the second warmest July on record.

Highs near 90 will stay through the first few days of August and then cooler weather arrives this weekend that’ll have you thinking of Fall.  Sunday’s high may stay in the 70s with overnight temperatures in the low 60s making it some of the coolest weather in a month!  The weekend cool down will be short, though, as conditions will start to heat up again next week.


Wednesday- Afternoon showers and thunderstorms. H: near 90°

Thursday- Partly cloudy. H: near 90°

Friday- Scattered thunderstorms H: mid 80s

Saturday- Morning rain, mostly cloudy afternoon. H: low 80s

Sunday- Partly cloudy. Noticeably cooler H: upper 70s

Metegram showing model forecast temps into early next week. Notice the temps take a tumble into the weekend. Data: Iowa State

Olympic Mountain Biking takes place August 11-12 at the Hadleigh Farm in Essex.  Even though August is one of the dryer months out of the year, summertime showers are highly unpredictable across Great Britain.  By looking at the climatology in August, there’s at least a chance of rain during race time.  As the event nears, you can check the latest forecast at the Met Office which is equivalent to the National Weather Service here in the states and, hence, a pretty reliable source.

Rainy days in a given month for Hadleigh Farm in Essex. Graph couresty: myweather2.com

Just last week, the UK recorded a high temperature of 87° which was their highest temperature of the year.  Check out how packed the beaches were!  Conditions have since cooled with daytime highs now in the 60s.

Packed beach on the UK'S south coast. Photo: Andrew Hasson, Brighton

Phil Leggitt. Photo courtesy Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

There has been some controversy over mountain biking in the Olympics.  The British cycling commentator Phil Liggett has publicly denounced mountain biking and BMX racing as not being an ‘Olympic discipline’.  The reason for his disdain is because the inclusion of mountain biking in the Olympics has taken away other cycling events in track racing.  This guy had some pretty harsh words for the Olympic organizers and the International Cycling Union.  Your thoughts?

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