Tour de Fat Forecast

Welcome to the coolest day of the summer.  Temperatures on Friday stayed in the 70s all day…a nice change from our usual hot and sticky summer atmosphere.  Saturday will be the nicest day of the weekend to hit the trails.  Thunderstorms arrive Saturday night with lingering clouds into Sunday.

The Tour de Fat is coming to town Saturday and the weather couldn’t be better: partly sunny, light south breeze and low 80s during the afternoon.  The festivities take place at Loring Park starting with the bike parade at 10am.  Should be a good time all the while supporting our local non-profit bike organizations like MORC!


Saturday: Partly sunny. Low dewpoint air=comfortable. Thunder Saturday night. H: low 80s

Sunday: Cloudy early then decreasing clouds during the afternoon. H: low 80s

Monday: Getting hotter and more humid. Afternoon thunderstorms. H: near 90

Tuesday: Hot and humid. H: upper 80s

Wednesday: An isolated thunderstorm. Not as hot. H: low 80s

Severe storms rocked the Northeast Thursday producing over 300 wind damage reports and a possible tornado in Elmira, NY.  Strong tornadoes (EF2-EF5) are somewhat rare in July.  In fact, the number of significant tornadoes has been steadily decreasing in recent years.

Significant tornadoes can still happen in July.  Turns out Minnesota is the 2nd most frequented state by significant tornadoes in July.  Wow, who knew?  No worries, I don’t see any severe weather outbreaks anytime soon for Minnesota.

Speaking of thunderstorms, have you heard of a doggy thundershirt?  My parents have a big (close to 100lb) Old English Sheepdog, named Hailey Lou, who turns into a frantic, nervous nellie whenever the loud claps of thunder come around.  A thundershirt is a tight-fitting shirt that claims to calm the nerves of a dog.  Well, they bought a thundershirt for Hailey Lou and it seems to work!  Mom and Dad say she’s not as ‘uptight’ whenever thunder booms.

Hailey Lou in her Thundershirt


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