Jacket Weather Ahead

Wouldn’t this be nice.  A bike tool that adjusts tire pressure on the fly…without a pump!  Well, it exists.  The $1,900 Adaptrac lets you independently adjust the front and back bike tire pressure via a toggle mounted on the handlebars.  Pretty cool.


Great riding weather Tuesday.  Partly sunny in the afternoon with highs in the lower 70s.  Quite possibly a few 80 degree readings in extreme southwestern MN.  Rain and thunderstorms arrive after midnight Wednesday morning followed by a mostly cloudy afternoon.  The clouds will limit any daytime heating but if the sun does manage to pop out then there could be a few thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon.  Sunnier but cooler conditions will be in place the rest of this week.  In fact, it just might be cold enough for Saturday rain showers to change over to a brief rain/snow mix Saturday night.  Winter doesn’t wanna give up just yet!  Hey, at least we don’t have meteors exploding over our heads like they did in the Sierra Nevada last Sunday.


3 thoughts on “Jacket Weather Ahead

  1. Century ride out to Mayer/Delano today. Kristin, how can we get text messages of your updates…? That would be cool!

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