80s by Tuesday

The cloudless sky over northeastern MN on April 4 allowed this high res satellite image to be taken of the burn scar from the 2011 Pagami Creek fire in the BWCA.

I had my first portaging experience in the Boundary Waters last summer.  It was AMAZING!  I couldn’t believe how eerily quiet it was up there.  You don’t realize the prevalence of city noise until you’re in complete isolation.  I admit, I haven’t explored too many trails “up north” but I plan on a Cuyuna Trail weekend sometime soon.  I’ve heard so many great things about that trail.  So far my favorite trail up north is the Piedmont Trail outside Duluth.  Have any other trail suggestions?  Speaking of “up north” I just came across this article about Fernie, British Columbia…the “Moab of the North”.

Wildfires might be a concern this summer and fall.  The last update of the drought conditions show that 99% of the state is in some form of a drought.  We did get some beneficial rain recently so the next drought update this Tuesday might show some improvement.  In fact, the seasonal drought outlook for May, June and July shows ongoing drought conditions with some improvement.

It rained just enough over the weekend to close the metro area trails.  Here’s a few rainfall totals from Saturday-Sunday:

Leb: 0.30″

Carver/Battle Creek: 0.41″

Theo: 0.28″


The trails will get some time to dry out Monday and Tuesday.  A more southerly wind develops Tuesday which will propel daytime temperatures well into the 70s across the metro with a few 80s across the southern part of the state.  You can track the developing south wind on this awesome wind map showing near real-time wind data from the National Digital Forecast Database.  Definitely one to bookmark.

A glancing blow of rain arrives Wednesday.  So far rainfall amounts look to be under 0.50″.  It could be worse.  The Northeast, for example, is experiencing a good ol’ Nor’easter early this week.  The storm is expected to bring high wind, flooding rain and close to a foot of snow to parts of that region.  Yikes.



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