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We’ve all been there.  You have big plans to slay some single track.  The gear is ready, the bike is tuned up and the water bottles are full.  You glance outside to get an idea of what to wear when all the sudden the sky opens up and it starts pouring rain.  Bummer, I know.  If rain, snow, storms or cold has ever ruined your riding plans then you’ve come to the right place!  Here you will find all the relevant weather information you need for biking and trail conditions across the great state of Minnesota!

I’m a mountain biker and a meteorologist.  Here I combine my two passions in life: weather & cycling.  I’m super excited to share my weather background with my knowledge of biking and very much look forward to becoming more involved in the local cycling community.

I grew up in Pennsylvania, the only daughter of two meteorologists. (Yes, weather is in my blood!)  My parents, Tom & Noreen, have been television meteorologists for the same station, WNEP-TV, in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area for over 20 years.  Weather has been ingrained in me since day one.  While an interest in weather was a given, I also had a strong desire to bike.  I vividly remember when Dad let go of my bike and I rode without training wheels for the first time. It’s that same feeling of Zen you get from simply riding a bike that has stuck with me for so many years.

My first bike - July 1989

When it came time to choose a career (and realized my dream of becoming a processional mountain biker was unrealistic) I attended and graduated from Penn State University with a BS in Meteorology.  While in college I was a member of the PSU Cycling Club and raced on the collegiate level.

A running start to a PSU mountain bike race.

From college I moved to Colorado to work as an on-air meteorologist at the local tv station, KOAA-TV, in Colorado Springs.  There I got to experience mountain biking in the Rockies.  It was awesome! A lot of climbing…but awesome!

Captain Jack's Trail in Colorado Springs, CO.

After a year in Colorado I traded the mountains for the prairie lands of Minnesota and never looked back.  I love the Midwest and truly believe that Minnesota is America’s best-kept secret!  And who would have thought Minnesota would also have killer mountain biking?!?

Currently, I’m an on-air meteorologist for WeatherNationTV, which is a brand new national 24/7 weather channel based right here in Minneapolis.  Unlike other weather channels, there is no “weathertainment” just real weather, pure and simple.  WNTV can be seen on cable channel 11.2 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  Check us out!

So, wondering if tomorrow will be a good day for a ride?  I’ll keep you updated the best I can with past, present and future weather information impacting Minnesota mountain biking.  I’ll even periodically get really weather nerdy and talk about soil moisture, drought, climatology, seasonal outlooks, hyper-local precipitation totals and storm reports, etc.  Knowing if, when and how much precipitation falls is important to MORC.  It often determines whether a trail is open or closed.  As always check MORC for the latest trail conditions: http://www.morcmtb.org/forums/trailconditions.php.

Glad you’ve stopped by!  I hope my blog can be your off-the-bike home for everything and anything related to cycling weather!

Fair weather always,

Kristin Clark

Twitter: kclarkWNTV





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