Rain Ends, Heat Returns

24-Hour Twin Cities Rainfall Map

Trail 24-Hour Rainfall

Lebanon: 0.43″
Murphy-Hanrehan: 0.20″
Theodore Wirth: 0.29″
Carver Park/Battle Creek: 1.10″

Rainfall amounts varied greatly across the state from thunderstorms Friday.  Cuyuna Lakes Trail and surrounding areas only had a few hundredths while Red Wing received 1.57″ the past 24 hours.  Before you head out on a ride, be sure to check the current trail conditions.

Zimmerman, MN Roll Cloud. Photo courtesy: Jeremy Valerius via KARE11

Great shot of a roll cloud in Zimmerman.  In person this type of tubular cloud appears to be “rolling” along a horizontal axis.  This cloud is formed by rain-cooled air rushing out from behind a dying thunderstorm.

The U.S. Drought Monitor was updated this week and shows nearly two-thirds of the country in some form of a drought.  This may just be the beginning of an even bigger story if the drought continues to worsen and causes widespread crop damage.

Year-to-year Drought Comparison

While the U.S. sees drought conditions worsen, England is experiencing their wettest summer season since the dawn of recordkeeping in 1910.  Those traveling to the U.K. for the upcoming Olympic Games have been warned that the rain is expected to continue.

Photo Courtesy Getty Images

The recent heat across the majority of the U.S. hasn’t helped our current drought situation.  Thursday’s low of 107° (!) in Death Valley, CA likely ties the world record for warmest low temperature set in Oman in June 2011.

Looks like the heat is back in Minnesota the next 6-10 days…especially early this week.  The long range outlook through July 23 shows a 75% chance of having above normal temperatures.  It will most likely be very warm for Squirrel Fest next weekend at Cuyuna Lakes.


Sunday: Dry. Mostly sunny.  Great day for riding. Hot. H: 90°

Monday: Partly sunny. Clouds increasing late afternoon. H: 91°

Tuesday: Morning rain/thunder ending by afternoon then clearing. H: mid 80s

Wednesday: Mostly sunny. H: mid 80s

Thursday: Nice looking day. Partly sunny. H: mid 80s

Friday: Afternoon thunderstorms. H: mid 80s

Saturday: Increasing clouds. H: near 90°

Sunday: Showers & thunderstorms. H: near 90°

Don’t sweat the showers…a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the sun has been aimed at Earth this weekend.  NASA, however, isn’t expecting much interruption with communication systems or powers grids but the northern lights might be activated again the next few nights.


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