Happy (Hot) 4th

Happy birthday, America!  As my Dad often reminds me, our great country is 236 years old today.  In celebration, have a peek at the 15 biggest fireworks displays in America.

Melted Mailbox Photo: Andy C, Lexington, KY

Yep, it’s hot out there.  Today will be the first 100 degree day (record 100° 1949) since June 7, 2011.  It’s a rare occasion when the temp hits 100° in the Twin Cities.  Before 2011, the last 100+ degree day was July 31, 2006.  Since 1873, the Twin Cities had a high temperature of 100° or more on 63 occasions.

Thunderstorms may erupt north of the metro later today.  The weather should hold up in most places for fireworks this evening.  Our heat wave will last into Thursday.  We catch a break Friday with noticeably cooler air, lower humidity and better weather overall for cycling.


Thursday: An isolated storm. Last day of the offensive heat. H: upper 90s near 100°

Friday: Showers & thunderstorms. Cooler and less humid! H: upper 80s

Saturday: Showers & thunderstorms. Much cooler! H: low 80s Wow.

Sunday: Partly sunny. H: mid 80s

Monday-Wednesday: Nice. Partly sunny. H: mid 80s




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