Air You Can Wear

Photo courtesy KARE 11

Lake Calhoun was packed with people staying cool in Sunday’s 94° heat.  Being in the woods on the trails feels even hotter…even sauna-like.  The evaporation from the dirt and transpiration from vegetation (evapotranspiration) add to the humidity in the air and can make it feel like a tropical jungle out on the trails.  This swampy heat stays over MN through midweek but daytime heating may be limited on days when the chance of thunderstorms are high.


Tuesday: Morning clouds. Sunny and hot afternoon. H: low 90s

4th o’ July: Hot & humid.  H: mid 90s Heat index: 105°

Thursday: Last hot day.  Thunderstorms Thursday night.  Sunny. H: mid 90s

Friday: Thunderstorms. Slightly cooler. H: upper 80s

Saturday: Partly cloudy.  Isolated thunder. H: mid 80s

Sunday: An isolated thunderstorm. H: low 80s

It could be worse.  At least we don’t have a Wednesday forecast of “partly sunny with a chance of Godzilla”!

I’m back East this week taking a family vacation at the Jersey Shore (a tradition in my family).  Sorry, no fist pumping for this gal, though.  Before heading to the shore my mom decided to finally tune-up her old Giant bike that has been in the basement for years.  The thing runs like new!  I couldn’t resist taking it for a spin along the Susquehanna River in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  This flat, paved trail runs right along the river dike where you can stop and read about the local history.  The Susquehanna River has had notorious flooding events like the Hurricane Agnes flood of 1972 and the most recent flooding of September 2011 from Tropical Storm Irene and Lee.

The good ol' Susquehanna River and Mom's Giant

On a random note, I heard the first cicada bug of the season.  Their unmistakable, high-pitched sound reminds me that we are officially in the midst of summer.

Curiosity Set to Land on Mars

Early August will be a busy time for NASA.  On the evening of August 5, Curiosity will land on the surface of Mars.  Curiosity is a rover that will investigate places on Mars that are thought to have once harbored life.  The landing, however, is so risky that it is called the “7 minutes of terror.”









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