Doggy Days of Summer

We are finishing up the month of June with temperatures about 2 to 5 degrees above average.  In fact, the monthly temperatures have been above average every single month since September 2011.  Nationally, it has been the warmest start to the year since record began.
From January 1-June 28, a total of 21,083 record high temperatures have been broken nationwide.  Last year through June 28th, just 13,189 high temperature records were broken.

Feeling like this lately? Photo: Heacock Classic

This summer heat is here to stay through the 4th.  The humidity levels will slowly increase as the dewpoints start to climb into the low 70s.  Generally, a dewpoint above 70° makes it feel sticky and uncomfortable outside.  Afternoon high should be in the low to mid 90s Tuesday, Wednesday (the 4th) and Thursday.    In Minnesota, temperatures above 95° are hard to get when the dewpoint is above 70°.  The last time the mercury in the thermometer hit 100° (June 7, 2011 103°) the dewpoint dropped into the 50s.  So with the dewpoints expected to stay elevated I think mid 90s are a safe bet through the holiday.  Still, it might feel like 105° with the added effect of the humidity.  Lake Superior’s chilly water temp of 63.9° sounds super inviting right about now.

Western Lake Superior water temperature


Monday: Thunderstorm threat especially overnight. H: low 90s

Tuesday: Mostly sunny afternoon and hot. H: mid 90s

4th o’ July: Mostly sunny, hot and humid.  Just like the 4th should be, right? H: mid 90s

Thursday: Showers and thunderstorms. H: mid 90s

Friday: Isolated storm. Slightly cooler.  H: upper 80s

Saturday: Isolated storm.  Cooler overnights.  Better for sleeping. H: upper 80s L: upper 60s

Sunday: Isolated storm….such is summer.  H: upper 80s

A barely visible smokey, haze might still linger in our sky each day.  Numerous wildfires out west continue to burn even though the destructive Waldo Canyon Fire outside of Colorado Springs, CO has been slowly getting contained.

Things getting back to normal around Colo, Springs, CO. Photo:

Deadly Derecho

Long-lived clusters of thunderstorms are common over the Midwestern states this time of the year.  When these thunderstorm create widespread damaging winds over a 240 miles path they are called “derechos”.  One such damaging wind storm raced from the Midwest to the East Coast on Friday.  This derecho covered 800 miles, produced hurricane force winds (75mph), 500 wind damage reports, power outages and, unfortunately, 11 faytalities in 5 states.   The governor of Virginia stated that this has been the largest non-hurricane power outage in Virgina history.

The bow-shape to the radar echo is a clear sign of damaging winds.

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  1. Finally a cool down. I crashed at ore to shore in Mi. Same red dust as cuyana. Are you a Chequamegon girl? Or do you cross Kristin? I could meet you at Lebanon sometime. We need more rain though.

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