Lazy Saturday

Past 12 Hour Rainfall as of Saturday Afternoon

Lebanon: 0.05-0.07″

Carver/Battle Creek: 0.09″

Theo: 0.11″

Hillside-Elk River: 0.14″


Light rain will continue tonight with rainfall amounts of about 0.05-0.10″ around the metro area trails.  Clouds will be stubborn to clear Sunday and sprinkles are possible in the afternoon adding to the cool bite in the air.  Not much drying will take place underneath the clouds tomorrow so the trails will be damp/wet.  Good day to do a road ride.  Or to watch old mountain biking videos.  If you haven’t already, check out the bike film Life Cycles.  It’s what I call bike porn.

While we dealt with the cool rain, western MN heard tornado sirens.  Earlier today enough sun broke out in western MN to get severe weather popping.

There were reports of tornadoes, funnel clouds and hail from Fergus Falls to Redwood Falls.  In Milan, Chippewa County law enforcement reported damage to a barn and grainery from a possible tornado.

Storm Reports Saturday

Ominous view from Ridgewater College in Willmar

Welcome to the severe weather season! Minnesota had the first tornado of the year last Sunday on April 15.  The average number of tornadoes in MN jumps from 2 in April to 12 in June.

The peak of severe weather in Minnesota is June, averaging 142 reports of hail, wind damage and tornadoes.

While strong tornadoes (EF2 or greater) are rare all across the country, Minnesota ranks 33 out of 141 national radar coverage areas studied for strong twisters.  The image below shows significant severe weather reports, including only tornadoes EF2 or stronger, from 1980-2006.

Red lines=tornado tracks

No more severe weather is expected this week.  A dramatic warm-up will occur on Tuesday with highs in the 70′s possibly 80′s in southern MN which will really help to firm up the trails.  Our next shot at rain won’t be until Wednesday.


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