90s Next Week

Lutsen 99er. Photo courtesy: Aaron McCabea

Showers stayed mainly south of Lutsen today so it turned out to be a great day for racing at the Lutsen 99er.  The race went on despite many traffic detours on the way to Lutsen, especially through Duluth, due to the flooding rain last week.  This race sounds pretty awesome and I’m kicking myself for not signing up sooner.  The website says: “This is a 99 mile (39 mile option also offered) race course that takes advantage of the scenery and topography of Minnesota’s North Shore. We will start at Lutsen Ski Resort, in Minnesota’s Sawtooth Mountains, overlooking majestic Lake Superior, as we begin a fantastic Category 3 climb. Once over the ridgeline, the course takes advantage of the glacially sculpted terrain, rolling hills, and numerous lakes and streams. This area is the southern range of the Boreal Forest. You will be riding on sections of road and trail that see as much moose traffic as people traffic at any given time.”  Nice.

Most of the rain missed the Twin Cities today so the trails are in pretty good shape.  I rode Theo on Friday and all is dry but some spots are a bit rutted from last week’s heavy rain events.  After today, our weather looks rather dry (and hot) this upcoming week.  High temperatures could be pushing 90° by Wednesday!  Our next chance of rain looks to be late in the week…around Thursday/Friday.

This will be a quick blog post since I’m meeting my best friend, Jess, for our 4th Annual Grand Rounds Bike Ride.  We try to ride the Grand Rounds at least once a year.  The mountain bike will have to be put aside…just for one day.


Sunday: Partly sunny.  Comfortable with low dewpoint air in place. H: Low 80s

Monday: Sunny. H: Near 80

Tuesday: Partly sunny.  Slightly humid. H: Low 80s

Wednesday: Hot and humid! Dewpoint near 70°. H: 92°

Thursday: Most of the day dry.  A storm late. H: Mid 80s

Friday: A few showers and thunderstorms.  Mostly cloudy. H: Low 80s

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