Storms Firing Up, Again

An old weather folklore says: Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.  Red sky at night, sailors delight.

Tuesday morning sunrise. Photo: NWS Duluth

In Duluth this morning, the rising sun in the east was shining on clouds to the west.  Generally, clouds moving in from the west indicate an approaching storm.  If the red sky were to appear at nightfall then the setting sun in the west would be shining on exiting clouds to the east indicating a clearing sky and hence why sailors can delight.

With the red/pink sky in Duluth this morning it might be worth heeding the warning.  There is a concern for severe thunderstorms across the state later today.  Severe weather already moved into the area this morning producing heavy rain and damaging winds.  There were numerous reports of downed trees and power lines in Apple Valley earlier today.

Snapped Power Poles in Apple Valley. Photo: WNTV Meteorologist Bryan Karrick

24 Hour Rainfall Totals

Murphy-Hanrehan: 0.75″
Carver Lake Park/Battle Creek: 0.65″
Lebanon: 0.55″

The second round of severe weather is expected this afternoon and evening.  The best chance for severe thunderstorms is just northwest of the metro from, say, from St. Cloud to Duluth and mainly impacting the I-94 corridor.  Damaging winds and large hail are the primary concerns.  Heavy rain is also a concern with the warm and humid air in place.  Rainfall rates of 1″/hour are expected in spots.  Therefore, the majority of this area is under a Flash Flood Watch.

Severe Storm OutlookFlash Flood Watch

Flash Flood Watch

I do predict the majority of the severe weather will be well north of the Twin Cities.  Additional rain and cooler conditions are expected by Wednesday.


One thought on “Storms Firing Up, Again

  1. In addition to your description about “red sky at night……
    I always explained it by saying a red sky at sunrise or sunset indicated a very clear atmosphere for hundreds of miles to the east or to the west. Since most of our weather moves from west to east one can assume that when the sky is red at sunset there are no storms approaching from the west for tomorrow. However a red sky to the east in the morning shows that it may have been some time since we’ve had a storm come through and that one may soon approach from the west.
    Just though I’d mention this. Keep up the good work. I’ve sent the address to Julie.

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