Quick Storm Update

The severe threat has ended but heavy rain continues southeast of the metro this evening.  Faribault to Red Wind could see an additional 1-2″ by tonight.  Isolated amounts up to 4″ have already been observed.

Hail turned out to be the primary product of these storms. I had marble size hail at my house this morning in Minneapolis.  St. Louis Park also had pea to marble size hail.  The proof is in the picture below from WNTV Meteorologist Addison Green.

The storms that rolled through the metro this morning produced quite the shelf cloud.  This type of cloud is formed from the thunderstorm rain-cooled outflow boundary.  From what it looked like today, you would think you were looking at an atmosphere on Neptune.

Photo courtesy Brad Nelson in Burnsville

This shot of the shelf cloud was taken over Lake Minnetonka by one of our WeatherNationTV interns, Tracey Anthony.  No, we didn’t force her up on the roof of our building to take this shot.  Really.  Gotta love interns.

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