Chilly AM on the Trails

Low temps this morning:

Leb: 27

Murphy: 28

Battle Creel: 29

Those with gardens in bloom had to protect their plants with blankets, towels and just about anything to keep the cold from damaging the flowers.

Curt Olson took this picture of his front lawn yesterday evening before the cold settled in.  Curt says, “I have officially become my grandmother.  Save the blooms!  Save the blooms!”  Don’t feel bad Curt, I felt like a grandma turning my heat on last night!

If you’re getting an early morning ride in tomorrow it will once again be cold if not colder than this morning.  The reason?  With cool, dry air in place and a Canadian high pressure anchoring right over MN the wind will turn calm and the sky will stay clear.  The optimal cooling takes place at night near the ground under a clear sky, calm wind with a dry, cool airmass in place.  All the day’s solar radiation is allowed to escape the earth’s surface into space continuously cooling the ground.  This is radiational cooling at it’s best.  Low temperatures Wednesday morning are expected to be ranging between 20-25°F.  Another widespread freeze is expected so, if you have a green thumb, protect your plants from freezing their buds off.

Courtesy: WNTV Meteorologist Todd Nelson


Rain is still on track for late Thursday afternoon through Saturday timeframe.  You’ll probably be able to get a ride in early Thursday but the clouds will be increasing throughout the day and rain will arrive by the dinner hour.  Thunderstorms are likely Friday and Saturday with the possibility of locally heavy rain.  Rainfall amount look to be no more than 0.50”.  Rain will end and the trails will start to dry out Sunday.

Dark Blue = ~ 0.50" of rain

2 thoughts on “Chilly AM on the Trails

  1. HI Kristin,
    WOW! Thanks for doing this. And welcome to MN. You will love the weather and the trail systems here. I have a green thumb at my parents house helping them out with new trees and things. I lenjoy mtn biking.

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