Round 2 Later Today

The approaching line of storms from earlier today.  WNTV Meteorologist Bryan Karrick captured this “shelf cloud”.

Hope you didn’t ride the bike to work today.  The storms this morning over the metro were just round one.  Another wave of storms will move in later today out ahead of a cold front.  There is concern for tornadoes in east central MN and western WI around 4-6pm.  Stay weather savvy!

HRRR model at 4pm is showing isolated thunderstorm cells developing mainly east of St. Paul.  This is where I think the greatest tornado threat will be.


Initially, it looks like the developing thunderstorm line is broken right over the metro.  This may be a sign that the severe weather threat (hail, damaging winds, tornadoes) might be just southeast of downtown.

                          6 pm

Once the line develops, it quickly moves into southeast MN where the tornado threat wanes and damaging winds/large hail will be the main threat into this evening.

The storms will most likely come through right around rush hour.  Obviously not the best timing for a tornado threat.  Without sounding too cliché, be weather aware today.  Know what to do, where to go in times of severe weather.  We will be doing our best to keep you updated on WeatherNationTV on cable channel 11.2.  You can also watch WeatherNationTV online. (Be sure to click the red ‘click here for live!’ tab)

The storms today are just the beginning of a very stormy weather pattern that will last into next week.  By Wednesday, 3-4″ of rain will have fallen in spots.  Be sure to check the MORC trail conditions for the latest.

WeatherNation 7-Day Forecast

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