Sweltering Heat, Sunday Severe Threat

Welcome to the dog days of June!  Sinking air over Minnesota from high pressure will help temperatures get into the upper 80s and mid 90s.  The heat index (combining the heat & relative humidity) in the Twin Cities will easy be in the 90s through Sunday.  Free A/C moves in Monday with cooler air behind a cold front.  This front is expected to kick off severe weather Sunday late afternoon/evening in the metro.  With the heat and the threat of severe weather late Sunday, it’s best to ride earlier in the day.

Thunderstorms will develop over central MN late Sunday afternoon.  For the Twin Cities, the threat will be large hail and strong winds.  Isolated tornadoes will be more of a threat north of I-94.

The Heat Goes On

Across the country, 42 states had a spring that was among their top ten warmest.  Thirty-one states east of the Rockies had a record warm spring, including the Twin Cities.  54° was the average temperature for Spring 2012, making it the warmest since records began back in 1873!

This chart shows the 3 months mean temperature for March-May since the late 1870s.   The last time we had a spring this warm was in 1977.

June has so far been 5° warmer than normal.  Even though relatively cooler air is expected Monday-Tuesday, another warming trend is on the way starting late next week.  Temperatures should be above normal next weekend with another shot at 90°.

Sweating It Out

I had a great ride at Theo yesterday.  The trail is in excellent condition and I’m very impressed with the work MORC has been doing on the new technical section.  Kudos guys!  If you plan on riding this weekend, bring extra water on the trail (I ran out myself) and stock up on bug repellent.  The second you stop the mosquitoes start swarming.  Yes, they’re out and probably in higher population thanks to the warmer than normal winter we had.

You can check out my ride here on Strava.  This is a great app if you like to compare yourself to others, ride against your own time, or simply see the tracks you made on the GPS map.  Really cool.

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