Sunscreen and Swimsuits

Ever wonder how mosquitoes survive falling raindrops?  It’s amazing they even can.  It would be like a human getting hit by a car.  Turns out that the mosquito’s body mass and exoskeleton have a lot to do with it surviving the liquid cannonball.  What’s even cooler is that scientists at Georgia Tech are researching these little buggers to improve bug-size flying robots for military use in search and rescue operations.

The flying insects of Minnesota may have to dodge a few bullets tomorrow and Friday.  Both days have the possibility of a pop-up thunderstorm as a warm front approaches from the Plains.  This warm front signals the beginning of our mini heatwave this weekend.  The lake will be inviting on Saturday as the temperature gets close to 90° and the dewpoint goes above 70°.  Hello summer!  The weather looks good all day for the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festivalin Crosby.  A cloudier sky moves in by Sunday with thunderstorms developing in the afternoon.

How it will feel Saturday in the heat & humidity.

Whether you want to beat the heat or escape the rain, the Bike Art VII goes through the end of this month at Altered Esthetics.  This exhibit showcases Minnesotans’ love for the bicycle.

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