Pennsylvania Single Track

Hoping everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.  I’ve been on a road trip to the Northeast, attending weddings in Connecticut and Pennsylvania.  Of course, the mountain bike has also made the trek from the Midwest to the Northeast.  I grew up on the trails in Pennsylvania so I take every opportunity I can to get back on the home terrain.

Northeast Pennsylvania Single Track

Mountain biking is a little different in Pennsylvania as compared to Minnesota.  For one, there’s nothing like MORC in Pennsylvania.  There is no formal trail organization.  It’s just a handful of guys and gals cutting single track through the woods.  Because of all the hard labor they put into building these trails they are very reluctant to give out trail information to the general public.  One reason is to keep the dirt bikes and quads off the trails.  I don’t blame them.  But because of the secretive nature of the trail system you either have to know someone willing to divulge that information or go out on your own to unknowingly explore the woods.  Even if you get word of a good trail, finding the trail is another battle.  The trail head is often extremely discrete and hard to find.  While it’s great to have an organization like MORC constantly maintaining and marking trails, there’s some allure to a secret single track trail in the middle of the Pennsylvania forest that only a handful of bikers know about.

Pennsylvania has the old, worn down Appalachian Mountains so is, therefore, very hilly.  You feel like you’re going uphill 90% of the time.  We joke that you start your ride climbing and somehow end up finishing with a climb.  Pennsylvania also has some serious rock gardens, which I thoroughly enjoy.  All and all, it’s been a great trip home but I look forward to getting back on the single track through the prairie lands of Minnesota.

Just one of many rock gardens in PA

Back to Minnesota Weather

Even though this week has started off dry, runoff is still ongoing from heavy rain the past few days and flooding along our area rivers continues.

14-Day Radar Estimated Rainfall

Radar estimates pockets of 6-9” the past 14 days.  For comparison, the average monthly May rainfall for Minneapolis is 3.36”.  Everything is super green but the air is a bit cooler.  Temperatures should stay in the 60s all week with a gradual warm-up through the weekend.


Wednesday- Broken sunshine.  Light showers expected late Wednesday night, especially across southern MN. H: Mid 60s

Thursday- Cloudy.  Any morning showers will end by afternoon. H: Mid 60s

Friday- A few showers and thunderstorms.  H: Upper 60s

Saturday- Nice day for riding.  Sunny and warmer. Low 70s

Sunday- Showers and thunderstorms.  H: near 80°

2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Single Track

  1. I grew up in NEPA as well and only recently rode in that area a few years ago (started MTBing after I moved). I think the MTB group is doing okay considering that they are relatively new. The Jim Thorpe area has so much potential and I really liked Merli-Sarnoski Park and Frances Slocum. If an extensive trail system could get some traction, I think it could really revitalize those small towns.

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