Sunday Severe, Then Smooth Sailing

This May might go down as being the wettest ever on record.  The Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport (where official records are kept) has received 8.18″ of rain so far making it the second wettest May in recorded history in the Twin Cities.  The wettest May was in 1906 when 10.33″ was recorded.  With more rain in the forecast this holiday weekend, the city may close in on the top spot.  Also, Chanhassen has received 9.22″ of rain which may get close to the May state record rainfall of 11.7″ in Winnebago in 1908.

May has also been fairly warm.  The average temperature so far this May is 5.5° warmer than average.  Each month, from October through March, has been at least 5° warmer than average.  The warmer weather this winter has helped to drive the insect population.  The warm winter combined with the wet spring may increase the mosquito population.  Also, people have been reporting more tent caterpillars in the Twin Cities this year.  The last time we had a big tent caterpillar outbreak was in 2002.

Afton Adventure

Tackling the terrain at Afton

I recently did a ride at Afton Alps.  As always, great descents will killer climbs.  I tracked my ride on Strava.  This is a great app that tracks your progress throughout your ride.  You can even compare yourself against others riders on the same trail.


I’m sure there’s a lot of standing water out on the trails.  Showers and thunderstorms will redevelop late tonight with minor flooding a good possibility with the ground being already saturated from the recent rain.  Sunday is going to be hot with temperatures flirting with 90°.  The sun may peek out mid afternoon but severe thunderstorms will develop in western MN and work their way towards the metro late in the day.

Sunday's Severe Threat

Sunday: Partly cloudy morning.  Breezy and hot.  Highs pushing 90°.  Severe storms will rumble through the metro late in the day.

Memorial Day: Trails will start the drying process.  Partly sunny.  Nice day for barbecues.  H: Near 80°

Tuesday-Friday: Fairly dry and much cooler with highs generally staying in the 60s.


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