Sunday Severe

Storms via Visible Satellite in the late day sun

As you can imagine the trails got quite a soaking the past 48 hours.  The Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport received 2.13″ while Montrose got a whopping 5.20!”  Check out some other rainfall totals across the state here.


Friday:  No rain but the woods will definitely need time to dry.  Good day for a road ride. H: Low 70s

Saturday: Showers and thunderstorms. H: Low 70s

Sunday:  I think most of the day will be dry, breezy and hot.  Highs will be pushing 90°.  Severe thunderstorms are likely late in the day.

Memorial Day: Partly cloudy, a dry day.  Good for barbecues.  H: mid 70s

Severe Threat Sunday

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