Road Ride Time

24 Hour Rainfall (Area Trails)
Hillside Park: 3.5″
Lake Rebecca: 3.45″
Elm Creek: 3.03″
Theodore Wirth: 2.23″
Murphy Hanrehan: 1.82″
Lebanon Hills: 1.2″
Carver Park: 0.83″

Highest 24 Hour Rainfall Statewide
Zimmerman: 4.83″
Monticello: 4.79″
Buffalo: 4.33″
Oak Grove: 4.17″

Cologne, MN (Photo: WNTV Meteorologist Bryan Karrick)

Yup, I think it’s safe to say that the trails are definitely too wet for riding today.  As expected, a thin band of heavy rain set up from Marshall to Duluth leaving anywhere from 2″ to 4″+.  Total rainfall amounts will increase slightly as the rain is expected to continue through tonight.

24 Hour Rainfall


Friday: Good day for a road ride.  Even though the rain is over, our area trials will need some time to dry out. H: ~ 70°

Saturday: Increasing showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. H: Low 70s

Sunday: Partly cloudy afternoon.  Warm and breezy.  Severe thunderstorms likely Sunday evening/night. H: Upper 80s, pushing 90°

Memorial Day: Dry.  Clouds may be stubborn to clear, though. H: Upper 70s

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