Trade the Bikes for Boats?

Partial Eclipse Sunday Evening (Photo Courtesy PBrooks Photography)

The skies cleared just in time to get a glimpse of the partial solar eclipse Sunday evening.  If you missed it, no worries, the next total solar eclipse will be August 21, 2017.

Tuesday marks the one year anniversary of the 11 tornadoes that touched down across the area including an EF-1 in North Minneapolis.  A detailed write-up on those tornadoes can be found here at the Twin Cities’ National Weather Service.

Hello Alberto

AQUA/MODIS satellite of Tropical Storm Alberto

Even though the Atlantic Hurricane Season doesn’t officially start until June 1, a tropical storm has developed 175 miles east of Jacksonville, FL.  Tropical Storm Alberto is the earliest tropical storm to form in the Atlantic in 9 years. He has been kicking up the waves along the southeast beaches but will stay offshore and dissipate in the next 48 hours as it encounters a hostile atmospheric environment.


We may want to consider trading in the bikes for boats.  The overall weather pattern looks pretty soggy into the weekend.  The next chance of rain will be Wednesday into Thursday.  The dewpoints as well as humidity levels will begin to rise as a result of a strong southerly wind.  Low pressure straight out of the Pacific Northwest will move in by midweek giving us that next chance of rain.  This low should stall out somewhere in the Midwest and prolong the isolated chance of rain into the holiday weekend.

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