Freewheel Frolic Forecast

Proof on my front porch Friday.

Friday was a day right out of July.  The Twin Cities hit a sizzling 93° which broke the old 101-year-old record high of 91°.  This was the hottest day since September 1, 2011…8.5 months ago!  Duluth also broke a record high at 87° but, as every local meteorologist knows, that area around Lake Superior has some insane microclimates.  Sky Harbor Airport, for example, on Park Point was at 81° in the afternoon with a south breeze.  Then that wind quickly turned northeast and the temperature was 57°.  This was a 24 degree temperature drop in 20 minutes!  Wowza!  Click here to read more about the crazy temperature roller coaster yesterday in Duluth.

Isolated storms were able to pop with the heating of the day Friday.  The intense heat was able to break through a relatively stable, warm layer in the atmosphere known as the “cap”.  Once that barrier was broken then warm, buoyant air parcels conditioned to rise high into the atmosphere and eventually reached colder air to condense and form clouds/thunderstorms.  These storms went on to produce strong winds and hail in parts of MN.

Friday, May 18 Storm Reports

The Minnesota Mountain Bike Series kicks off Sunday in Hastings.  The Freewheel Frolic will be held at Afton Alps with the kids competition starting at 9 am and the Pro/Expert at 1 pm.  I’m hoping the weather will improve as the race goes on.  Thunderstorms and heavy rain will spread across the area Saturday night.  Rainfall amounts won’t be too excessive with about 0.25″ likely by Sunday morning.  I think Sunday will be cool with morning temps in the low 60s, cloudy and damp with lingering light rain.  Bet on a tacky trail with a few wet spots.

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