Spring Comes Early to MN

The first baby bird has hatched-from Beth Rubin-Gabor

::Sigh::  Spring.  What a wonderful time of the year.  Everyone starts coming out of the woodwork in a better, different mood.  Even I’ve noticed a change in my overall attitude since winter changed into spring.  And that change happened rapidly and early.  Last month it felt like we totally skipped over spring and went directly into summer! According to the University of Minnesota Extension climatologist and meteorologist, Mark Seeley, there were more record temperatures broken in March than any other month since the Dust Bowl Era of the 1930s!

The warmth of March seems to continue on into April.  Temperatures so far have been running 13-18°F warmer than average in southern and western MN.  Even the loons are back a little early because of the recent warmth.



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