Warmest in 8 Months

This is the incredible Norman, a two-and-a-half year old Briard who mastered riding a bike in just 10 weeks. His owner said that the toughest part was building up his back leg muscles. Norman is an old pro, though. He’s already been on tv sporting his scooter riding abilities on shows like Good Morning America and David Letterman. This pooch has it dialed in!

Windswept Thursday

Blowing Topsoil in Southern MN Photo: Miranda Hilgers

We had some wicked strong winds Thursday afternoon. The highest wind gust in the state was 49 mph in Hanley Falls. The wind around our area trails stayed within the 20-30 mph range. Still, that’s enough to knock down some loose twigs on the trail.

Max 24 Hour Wind Gust

Notable Wind Gusts (mph):
Theodore Wirth-31
Carver Park-33

The wind helped to fuel a wildfire in Ely, MN Thursday afternoon.  The fire started from a downed power line which then quickly spread because of the lack of snow this winter and the warm spring that have led to extremely dry conditions in northern MN.  The southwest part of town had to be evacuated before the 150 acre fire was contained.

Ely, MN Brushfire Photo Courtesy: Star Tribune

Just Spreading the Warmth

Rochester, MN has had the warmest start to any calendar year on record.  According to the National Weather Service, the average temperature through May 15 was 39.8 degrees.  That number might not seem too impressive but the record was 36.6° in 1987 and the average temperature through this date would be 29.4 degrees.

More records will most likely fall by the end of Friday…record highs that is.  A warm (hot) front has lifted well north of the metro and temps by the afternoon have soared into the upper 80s.  The record high for Friday, May 18 is 91° set back in 1911.  It’s going to be close.  If you’re going out for a ride later be sure to have the water bottles full.  The last time it was this hot was last September…8 months ago!

Annular Solar Eclipse

The first solar eclipse in 18 years will occur this Sunday.  California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and west Texas will get the full glimpse of this annular solar eclipse.  The moon will pass directly in front of the sun making the appearance of the “ring of fire”.  The eclipse should last for about 10 minutes.  For those of us in Minnesota, a partial eclipse will be seen.  That’s if our weather stays clear…

Weekend CycleCast:

Saturday:  Might be a good idea to get a ride in early.  Showers and storms will slowly increase throughout the afternoon.  A heavier rain is expected Saturday night. H: low 80s

Sunday:  Morning light rain will end by the afternoon with gradual clearing and sun by the end of the day.  Cooler too. H: low 70s

Early next week looks pretty dry and sunny.  Our next shot of rain will come later in the week with unsettled, wet conditions expected Wednesday through Friday.


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