Great Day for Mom

Today was a big day.  My orchid bloomed!  Now, I know it sounds like a minuscule thing but if anyone has ever owned an orchid they know it can be a very temperamental plant.  I consider this bloom a small miracle because this thing was on its deathbed…literally.  I ignored the poor thing for about a year before I realized it needed more water and sunlight.  Duh, right?  Well, now it’s by the window and I water it regularly.  Looks to be doing just fine now.

May Already Warmer

The average temperature for May has been running 5 degrees above the normal.  This is just the latest in a recent trend towards warmer than normal seasons.  Minnesota had a fairly mild winter followed by one of the warmest Marches on record which ultimately led to record early ice-out dates on area lakes.  All this recent warmth may bring good luck to fishermen and fisherwomen who are heading out for the Walleye Fishing Opener this weekend.

From Drought to Drenching

May has also started out very soggy.  So far, 4.29″ of rain has been recorded with 1.4″ of that falling last Sunday alone.  The Midwest was one of the wettest regions in the country last week.  Most of the 694 rainfall records from May 2 through May 8 occurred in the Midwest.

Of course, this rain put a serious dent in the drought across the state.  It always amazes me how Mother Nature balances everything out.  It seems like when an area is in need of rain, it comes…eventually.  Even Texas is receiving drought-busting rains today in areas that have been in a serious drought for over a year.

Drought Comparison-Before and After the Rain


Showers and isolated storms from a cold front early Friday will only amount to less than 0.25″.  A brisk northwest wind develops behind the front transporting dry, cooler air into the state.  This dry air intrusion will certainly help to dry out the trails quicker.  An awesome weekend awaits us with lots of sun and conditions slowly warming into the 70s by Mother’s Day.  Enjoy!


One thought on “Great Day for Mom

  1. Great weekend to ride…anywhere, any pace, any bike. Its a good time to plant some trees to. For mom. See you at Buck Hill on Thursday !!

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