Drought No More

This weekend is a big one.  We have the Walleye Fishing Opener and Mother’s Day (don’t forget).  The weather?  Looks great.  No, really.  Sunny, dry weather is expected with highs in the 60s & 70s.  We need a dry weekend.  I think the natives are getting restless.

The recent rain has really increased the soil moisture.  In areas of central and southern Minnesota, the soil moisture is 3-4″ above normal and, therefore, depicted as being extremely moist.  Looks like the trails will need some time to dry out.

The good news?  Southern MN is basically completely out of the drought.  I’m sure the farmers are happy the drought has eased before the heat of the summer.  In northern MN, however, 3-5″ of rain is still needed to completely end the drought.  If they don’t get the rain soon then wildfires might become a concern the next few months.

Water Science

We all know that the Earth is made up of 70% water with the majority of the water being held in our oceans.  But if you were to take all the water from the oceans, lakes, glaciers, atmosphere, inside of you and me, underground, etc. and combine it into a sphere, how big do you think it would be?  The answer may surprise you.  My guess was way off, by the way!

“Bike’s-Eye View”

This type of camera angle has become immensely popular lately….especially with the advent of the GoPro.  Here’s a compilation of some of the best over-the-handlebars pictures and videos.

2 thoughts on “Drought No More

  1. I carry alot of water in me. Im guessing…the sphere would be about 90% full. Have you ever crashed ??

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