Rain-Free Weekend

Breaking News:  Dinosaur Farts Caused Global Warming.  What?!  Really?  At first I didn’t believe it myself but scientists in the UK have estimated the methane output of sauropods and believe that it was enough gas to affect the warming of the planet.  Geeze, if Dinosaurs can warm the planet…what can humans do?

On Monday May 7, the Twin Cities recorded no measurable rain.  This was the first dry day since April 27!  During the ten-day stretch, 4.53″ was measured in total.  For many observing sites, this was the longest stretch of rainy weather we’ve seen in recent years.

Showers and thunderstorms moved in again Tuesday but less than 0.25″ of rain was expected.  Sunshine is back Wednesday with highs reaching into the lower 70s on Thursday.  Thunderstorms may rumble through the area again on Friday but the weekend looks dry.  Yes, Saturday and Sunday look fantastic for getting out and riding.  Dry weather may continue into next week with a bit of a warming trend as well.  Bring it on!


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