Finally Some Sun

Photo: WNTV Meteorologist Addison Green

Sunshine is a great way to start a Monday, especially with a weekend that was as gloomy as ours was.  Impressive rainfall was recorded the past few days with many observing sites already receiving above normal rain for the month.  WeatherNation TV Meteorologist Bryan Karrick received over 3.6″ at his house in Cologne!

Photo: WNTV Meteorologist Bryan Karrick

The heaviest rain fell over central and southern MN.  The Minneapolis International Airport received 2.31″ while the St. Paul Airport received 1.87″.  Other notable totals include:

Murphy-Hanrehan (observed near Prior Lake)- 2.72″

Theo- 1.48″

Lebanon- 1.39″

Radar Estimated Rain Past 48 Hours

It’s a great time to be a meteorologist.  A lot of (extreme) weather events have occurred just within the last year.  From the Joplin tornado to the record-setting warm March it seems like the weather has been getting weirder.  Or has it?  I tend to lean more toward a cyclic atmosphere.  Climatology tells us that extended periods of warm/dry and hot/cold have happened before.  The Little Ice Age, for example, was a period of unusually cold weather extending across the globe.  Climatology goes back hundreds, thousand even millions of years and to get a good idea of the climate for a particular location data needs to be collected for at least 30 years.  Weather, on the other hand, is the day to day variation of conditions.  Both climate and weather can, however, be effected by the Earth’s orbit, volcanic eruptions, solar cycles, ocean currents, etc.  The Earth has been getting warmer, there’s no doubt about that, but to what extend do humans have an impact?  I’m not 100% convinced in human-induced global warming.


Clouds increase again Tuesday with a chance of thunderstorms.  Warming into the 70s by Thursday with another shot at rain Friday.  The weekend will be dry…for once.

2 thoughts on “Finally Some Sun

  1. BRAVO! Thank you for input regarding climate change. So often cycling people love to follow the “progressive” status quo and believe humans are evil and are responsible for climate change. It is really tiring. I too am not convinced either way.
    What is your ride an where is your favorite trail.
    I live by Elm Creek and ride a Stumpjumper HT 29 and Epic 29.

    • Hey Steve!
      I have a Specialized Era. I use to own an Epic. Great bikes. I love riding Murphy, Mammoth, Hillside, and Piedmont in Duluth. I’ve never biked Elm Creek but will have to try it out!

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