Trainer Time

Has anyone resorted to using their indoor trainer yet?  The two rounds of heavy rain since Friday morning have really put a damper on any outdoor riding.  Rainfall amounts have been between 1-3 inches in parts of southwestern MN and more heavy rain is expected tonight with an additional 1-3″ possible.  The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch in that area.

Flash Flood Watch

Trail 24 Hour Rainfall Totals:

Lakeville: 1.72″

Lebanon: 0.75″

Theo: 0.45″

Carver/Battle Creek: 0.33″

Gusty winds developed behind the rain Saturday afternoon.  Winds were gusting close to 50 mph.  Winds that strong could have easily caused small branches to come down in the woods and on our trails.  Thunderstorms will again develop in western Minnesota and move into the metro tonight.  The storms could initially be severe in southern MN but by the time they make their way into the metro heavy rain will be the primary threat.  Rainfall totals could exceed an inch across central MN as the rain is expected to continue through Sunday afternoon.  The recent rain has certainly been beneficial to area farmers and those with agricultural interests.  The trails will get a chance to dry out next week with relatively quieter (drier) weather on the way.

Rainfall: 1-2" across central MN by Sunday evening

Make sure to check back in with WeatherNation for the latest local and national weather updates.

2 thoughts on “Trainer Time

  1. Ride a trainer? No thanks; in the winter, it’s a fatbike on the snow that keeps me cycling. In the summer when the trails are wet (like today), I find that pulling a trail behind bike and a trailer is an excellent workout. No trainer is needed. Thanks for keeping us all alert on the weather so we all know when we can get back out to the trail! This is awesome.

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