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Sandy by the Numbers

NASA Goddard Photo

  • Number of states effected: 17
  • Highest wind: 140mph Mt. Washington, NH
  • Highest rain: 12.55″ Easton, MD
  • Highest snow 29″ Redhouse, MD
  • Highest storm surge: 13.88′ New York
  • Lowest barometric pressure (944mb) from a landfalling cyclone north of the Carolinas
  • Est. damage: $20B
  • Fatalities: At least 57

Sandy will rank in the “Top 10″ most costliest storms in history, more expensive than Hurricane Irene in 2011 which cost $15 billion.  The reason why Sandy has been such a devastating storm is because of the storm’s size (stretching 1,000 miles across) and population impacted (1/3 of the U.S. effected).  From a meteorological perspective, the single most amazing aspect of Sandy was the extreme left turn she took right before landfall in Atlantic City, NJ.  Looking back through the life cycle of Sandy, it’s easy to see the unusual westward shift the storm took late in its evolution.

Weather Map November 1, 1991

Prior to Sandy making landfall, many were comparing her to Hurricane Grace, “The Perfect Storm” of 1991. While both storms caused damage and loss of life, Sandy has been more destructive.  For starters, Sandy made landfall…Grace did not.  Sandy was, overall, a much bigger and stronger storm.  But what Grace caused that Sandy did not was a blizzard over Minnesota.  Yes, the infamous “Halloween Blizzard of 1991″ was inadvertently caused by the hurricane in the western Atlantic.  Grace was able to slow down the progression of an arctic front over the central U.S. that allowed a winter storm to stall over the Midwest dumping over 30″ of snow in northern Minnesota.  The storm brought a total of 28.4″ of snow to the Twin Cities, making it the largest total from a single storm in the metro.


Thursday: Mostly sunny. H: 44°

Friday: Mostly cloudy. H: 44°

Saturday: Light rain showers. Mostly cloudy. Total rain: under 0.25″ H: mid 40s

Sunday: Sprinkles. Mostly cloudy. H: mid 40s

Monday: Mostly cloudy. More rain Monday night. H: upper 40s

Total Rainfall ~ 0.35″

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