First Taste of Arctic Air

For 16 consecutive months, the average monthly temperature has stayed above normal in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  But now, temperatures this October have been trending cooler than normal and, with colder air arriving by the weekend, the 16 consecutive month streak will be challenged.

Low clouds and rain will define this week’s weather.  Temperatures stay above normal through Wednesday but then drastically drop this weekend.  Do I dare say high temperatures in the 30s this weekend?  Ouch.


Tuesday: Cloudy yet warm. A few light showers early. H: low 70s

Wednesday: Cloudy. PM rain and a few thunderstorms. H: low 60s

Thursday: Cold front swings through, temps dropping throughout the day. Rain abruptly ends Thursday evening. Much colder! H: low 40s

Friday: Cold. Mostly cloudy. H: upper 30s

Saturday: More sun but chilly. H: near 40°

Total precipitation through Thursday morning. Graphic:

I’m hoping that the models are right in predicting close to one inch of rain for the metro.  Our drought-stricken ground would soak that up real quick.  Lake and river levels are all running lower than normal.  Lake Minnetonka, for example, is down 2 feet from normal which is 3 feet lower then last year, according to WNTV Meteorologist Paul Douglas.

Low water level on Lake Minnetonka. Photo: Paul Douglas

Rain is expected to end quickly Thursday evening.  Sorry snow lovers, even though it will be cold enough, the moisture won’t stick around long enough for snow Thursday night.  Looks like those fatbikes will have to wait a little bit longer…

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