Lightning Show Tonight

Thunderstorms still look to be a good possibility tonight across central Minnesota.  The storms will pop in extreme west central MN near Wheaton and Alexandria around 4 pm and then migrate east throughout the night.  At this point, the strongest storms look to stay north of the metro…even maybe north of St. Cloud.  Initially tornadoes, large hail will be the primary threat and then transitioning to more of a wind damage threat as the storms move into the metro tonight.

Models are showing that the storms arrive in the Twin Cities around 9 pm.  By then the storms should organize themselves in a north-south oriented line with the potential for winds over 60 mph.  So depending on where the storms hit there may need to be some trail maintenance on area trails to clear uprooted trees and limbs off the trails.

HRRR forecast model

HRRR forecast model

The Twin Cities’ National Weather Service has a great webpage to keep you up-to-date with the latest storm information.  Also check in with WeatherNation TV on cable channel 11.2 or online for national and local weather coverage.


More strong storms can be expected Wednesday afternoon across southern MN.  Rain will continue on Thursday but the severe threat will be over by then.  A noticeable change in temperature will occur this weekend with highs back into the 60s.  Total rainfall through Thursday will get close to an inch in the Twin Cities with amounts possibly exceeding 2″ in northern Minnesota.  It’ll take some time for the trails to dry out.

2 thoughts on “Lightning Show Tonight

  1. I miss a good tunderboomer. 5 years of living in southern Oklahoma spoiled me for epic thunderstorms. Most exciting day; baseball size hail, 7 twisters visable from the driveway (where dad and I were standing watchin it all), and 8 inches of rain to wrap it all up.

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