Fickle Rain

Cleveland, MN Sun Halo. Photo: Charles Yeager

Ring around the sun or moon, rain coming soon.  This particular weather lore is usually a good indicator that a storm is on the way.  As the atmosphere often does with an approaching low pressure, the upper level clouds will start to increase as a result of the atmosphere essentially moistening up from top to bottom.  In this picture taken on Monday, ice crystals in the high clouds are refracting the sunlight to create the halo.  And, yes, rain is likely through Friday.


Thursday: Colder & breezy. Rain (mainly light) expected throughout the day. H: low 50s

Friday: Mostly cloudy, morning rain slowly ends through the afternoon. Rain amount under 0.25″ H: mid 50s

Saturday: Party sunny, warmer southwest breeze. H: near 60°

Sunday: Clear morning, slight increase in afternoon clouds. Indian summer? H: upper 60s

Monday: Quick morning rain, mostly cloudy. H: upper 60s

Surface Pressure and Wind Speed. Map:

We can count on a gloomy finish to the week as a rather large low pressure slowly meanders over Minnesota, the center of which will be right over Duluth Thursday afternoon.  You would think that by the size of this thing that we would get some decent rain but that’s just not the case.  The low is cut off from the main jet stream flow with the bulk of available moisture being shunted off to the east.  We’ll be lucky if we can get even a quarter of an inch of rain.

Total Rainfall thru Friday

This is the second storm in less than a week that has failed to give us the rain that we need.  We feel cheated.  While the dry weather has been very conducive for riding, the area needs a good 5 inch rainfall spread out over a couple of days to completely end the drought.

We just might get the storm we need the last weekend in October.  A wet, Pacific storm looks to charge into the Midwest around October 27 and deliver a heavy rain…and possibly snow.  The details will become clearer as we get closer to the event but we could have an interesting storm in the days leading up to Halloween.

End of October Snow? Map:

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