Shorts to Sweaters

Theo CX Classic. Photo courtesy: Matthew Pastick

The meager rain on Saturday was barely enough to settle the dusty dirt for the Theo Wirth CX Classic held on Sunday but, hey, at least we had the sun for the race, right?

Savor the sunny and 70 degree riding weather on Tuesday because it’ll all come to a screeching halt by Wednesday.  A front, straight out of the Pacific, will come swinging through midweek with a spit of rain and blustery winds.  Thursday’s riding weather will be anything but pleasant: rain (a few snowflakes), winds over 15 mph, and temps stuck in the 40s. Just a raw day overall.  A cloudy, misty rain may linger through Saturday.  We’ll be lucky if we get even a half an inch in total through then.  What we really need is a 5 inch rainfall stretched out over a couple of days to really put a dent in the drought.

Drought from August 2012 to present. Rainfall for August and September combined has been at or below the lowest on record.


Tuesday: Morning clouds, light southwest wind and warm. H: low 70s

Wednesday: Morning rain, gusty northwest wind developing. Brief afternoon clearing. Colder. H: near 60°

Thursday: Mostly cloudy, light rain with a mix of snow. No accumulation. Blustery. H: upper 40s

Friday: Misty and mostly cloudy. H: low 50s

Saturday: Mostly cloudy with morning rain. Afternoon clearing. H: mid 50s

Minnesota Trails to Expand

There has been a lot of talk recently about trail additions and expansions across Minnesota.  From the opening of the West Trailhead at Lebanon to a gravity flow trail at Spirit Mountain and now an extension of the the Duluth Traverse trail, cyclists across the state have a lot to be excited about!

Fearless Felix

After several weather delays, Felix Baumgartner finally did it.  He broke to world record for the highest human free fall.  The duration of the jump was only 4 minutes and 20 seconds but, despite his peak velocity being 833.9 mph, we are still awaiting official calculations as to whether Felix broke the sound barrier with his body.  Crazy!  Check out Felix’s record free fall from start to finish:




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