A Pattern Change

The auroras have been putting on quite a show lately ever since the sun spewed a coronal mass ejection of solar wind in our direction.  I can’t get enough of that ghostly green glow in the nighttime sky so, if you’re anything like me, you may want to keep an eye to the night sky to catch a glimpse of the northern lights.  The Ovation Auroral Forecast site is my favorite for viewing the current aurora conditions.

Radio and satellite services have been experiencing brief solar outages this week as a result of our agitated sun.  Turns out that space weather is just as important as our weather here on Earth.  The Space Prediction Center focuses solely on space weather and its implications on vulnerable industries.


It has been 2 full months since we’ve had a decent rain event.  The last time we had over an inch of rain was on July 24!  Our weather, in a weird way, has become stuck…the continuous dry weather expanding and intensifying Minnesota’s drought.  This weather-blocking pattern is finally expected to break down this weekend.  The overall shift in the weather pattern could kick off a heavy rain and, possibly, a severe weather event in our area.

Severe thunderstorm threat on Saturday

A low pressure storm is brewing over Los Angeles, CA today, the same storm that is expected to be over the Midwest come Saturday.  Enough Gulf of Mexico moisture will be present to help produce over 1 inch rainfall amounts in addition to a tornado threat.  The rain (not a tornado) is much needed since Tuesday’s rain only amounted to less than 0.05″ on our area trails.

Thursday: Partly sunny. Breezy northwest wind. H: near 50°

Friday: Sunny. Storms arrive Friday night. H: low 50s

Saturday: Rain in the morning with a chance of sever thunderstorms in the afternoon. H: upper 60s

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, lingering rain. H: upper 50s

Monday: Mostly cloudy, a passing shower. H: low 60s



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