Cold Enough to Make Snow

West Trailhead Grand Opening at Lebanon Saturday

Looks like everyone had a great time at the West Trailhead Grand Opening at Lebanon this past weekend!  A Climate Science Workshop at the Science Museum of Minnesota prevented me from attending the grand opening on Saturday.  The Climate Science Workshop brought regional broadcast meteorologists together to discuss the past, present and future conditions of our climate.  The gathering was extremely informative and I look forward to periodically sharing the findings with you here on the MORC Weather Blog.


Our ground is thirsty for some good moisture.  Light rain (0.25″ or less) Tuesday morning will hopefully be enough to settle the dust on our area trails.  Conditions stay cooler than average the rest of this week with our next chance of rain being Saturday.

Tuesday: Morning rain, mostly cloudy. H: near 50°

Wednesday: Broken sunshine but dry. H: near 50°

Thursday: Partly cloudy. H: low 50s

Friday: Mostly sunny, rain arrives late Friday night. H: low 50s

Saturday: Cloudy, showers and thunderstorms. Warmer. H: mid 60s

MN Ski Resort First to Open in North America

Taylors Falls Wild MountainTaylors Falls Wild Mountain Ski Resort

Even though there is no snow on the ground, our nights have been cold enough to turn on the snow guns!  Wild Mountain in Taylors Falls is officially the first ski resort to open in North America this season!…even if it’s only one run.  Afton Alps has also started to make snow as of Sunday morning.

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