October Chill

Greenbush, MN-Photo Aaron Olsen

How ’bout a little Christmas in October?  Extreme northwestern Minnesota just got done with a heavy, wet, plowable snow that caused 2,000 customers to be left without power on Thursday.  While snow this early in the season isn’t unheard of, the amount of snow was quite impressive.  The small town of Badger reported 12″-14″ of snow, breaking all-time record snowfall amounts for October 4!

While Minneapolis/St. Paul was spared the snow, our air temperature took a big hit plummeting 30 degrees in 24 hours.  The cooler-than-normal air will have its grip on the area through the rest of the weekend.  Temperatures will stay in the upper 40′s to low 50s.  Surprisingly, just as warm as Mars…kind of.


After the potential of a stray flurry Saturday morning, the rest of the day will be mostly cloudy and cool with temps barely 50 degrees for the West Trailhead Grand Opening at Lebanon Hills.

Looking at a record low to be in jeopardy Sunday morning.  With a cool, dry airmass in place and a clearing sky, temperatures should get down to near 30 degrees. The record low Sunday morning is 25 degrees set back in 1976.  The Twin Cities Marathon is this Sunday so I’m sure the marathoners will be all bundled up for the start of the race.  Despite the sun and light wind, this will be one of the coldest Twin Cities Marathons ever.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy, cool. H: around 50°

Sunday: Partly sunny. Breezy, winds gusting to 13mph. H: low 50s

Monday: An increase in the clouds, brief warm-up. H: low 60s

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. Cooler than normal. H: mid 50s

Wednesday: Sunny. H: mid 50s

Breaking the Sound Barrier with the Body

This Monday morning, Felix Baumgartner will attempt to break the world record for the longest freefall jump and be the first human being to break the sound barrier with their own body.  My palms are sweaty with nerves just writing about it.

Fearless Felix will jump 23 miles above Earths surface in the atmospheric layer known as the stratosphere.  No other human has successfully jumped from this height, therefore, a lot of scientific questions will be answered come Monday, successful mission or not.  I know I’ll be praying for him.


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