Late Week Reality Check

Harvest moon over Lake Superior- Wanda Brandt

No, you weren’t just imagining it…September 2012 was a warm one.  The average temperature for the entire month turned out to be 1.9 degrees warmer than average.  In fact, every month since June 2011 has ended warmer than average.  This is an impressive, 16 consecutive month streak with temperatures above normal.

Rainfall has been rather meager across the state, resulting in drier than normal conditions on the trails.  Minneapolis received 0.30″ of rain the entire month of September, driest since 1882 and second driest on record.  Minnesota’s drought has been expanding and brushfire danger continues to stay elevated early this week.

Our fair weather honeymoon will come to an end later this week.  A strong cold front arrives Thursday morning to give us our next chance of rain.  Looks like the metro will only get by with less than 0.25″ of rain and, while models continue to differ, northern Minnesota may see some snow.  After all, this is the time of year when we start seeing snow creep back into the forecast.  Minneapolis/St. Paul typically averages 0.6 inches of snow in October, with the greatest October snowfall being 8.2 inches on October 31, 1991.

GFS model snowfall accumulation through Friday afternoon. Notice all the colors in northern MN depicting maybe a slushy 2-4 inches.

While the metro will escape the snow, it can’t hide from the cold.  Temperatures will drop 25 degrees beginning Thursday with some highs in the 40s and lows in the 30s.


Tuesday: Sunny. H: near 70°

Wednesday: Last warm day, increasing clouds. H: near 80°

Thursday: Mostly cloudy, light rain especially in the morning. H: upper 50s

Friday: Much colder. Morning low in the 30s. Mostly cloudy H: near 50°

Saturday: Sunny, unseasonably cool. H: near 50°

“Where the Trail Ends”

If you haven’t done so yet, check out the latest mountain biking film “Where the Trail Ends.”  Those who have seen the film say that it has changed the way they ride and how they think about riding.  “Where the Trail Ends” has been called the most ambitious mountain biking video to date and covers a three year global expedition covering some of the most untamed mountain biking locations from China’s Gobi Desert to the United States’ Virgin, Utah.  The film will have you on the edge of your seat, yearning to get back in the saddle to tackle some gnarly singletrack.

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