Storms to Start May

While temperatures stayed in the 60s all day Monday we’re looking at upper 70s to near 80 the next few days.  A warm, southerly flow of moist air returns early this week resulting in the dramatic warm up.  The average temperature remains 3 degrees above average this April and, according to Minnesota climatologist Mark Seeley, every month since October has been slightly warmer than average.

May Comes In With A Bang

Severe thunderstorms are likely to fire across the state from west to east Tuesday evening.  The warm, moist air in combination with an approaching cold front will set the stage for thunderstorms to develop.  Enough shear (winds changing speed and direction through the height of the atmosphere) will be present to create supercell storms capable of producing large hail and damaging straight line winds.  Isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out especially west of I-35 before 10pm Tuesday.  The severe threat will be highest between 5pm Tuesday and midnight Wednesday morning.  With the strong winds accompanying these storms, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of tree limbs down on our area trails come Thursday.

MN is in the "slight" risk for severe storms

Drought-Denting Rains

Minnesota farmers will be happy to hear that more rain is on the way.  Unfortunately, for area mountain bikers, this means that the trails might be too soggy to ride.  The latest QPF (quantitative precipitation forecast) shows much of Minnesota receiving over 1″ of rain through Thursday.

Total rainfall through Thursday morning

Many locations received above normal precipitation for the month of April.  Some of that precipitation was in the form of snow with Orr picking up 17.5″.  In the last 9 months, only February and April have reported above normal precipitation according to the University of Minnesota climatologist Mark Seeley.  The recent rain has been good for Minnesota agriculture as much of the state remains in a drought.  More rain this week is like liquid sunshine to area farmers.

With the chance of severe weather Tuesday evening stay very weather savvy.  Know where to go and what to do during severe thunderstorms.  Heed any watches and warnings when/if they are issued.  A NOAA Weather Radio is always a great thing to have.  We just want everyone to stay safe this severe weather season.

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    • Matt, you might be okay for a quick ride around 4. But after 6 pm all bets are off. Storms are expected to move into central MN by then and last through midnight.

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