Thirsty Dirt

Theodore Wirth

Kicking up more dust than usual these days?  No wonder…only .30″ of rain has fallen this month making it the 2nd driest September on record.  The driest September occurred in 1882 when only 0.27″ of rain fell at MSP. Interestingly enough, the wettest September occurred just one year prior in 1881.  Funny how Mother Nature always seems to balance things out.

With no chance of rain through the weekend, expect the trails to stay dry, dusty and fast.  A gradual warming trend takes us through next week with highs in the mid 70s…even close to 80° in southwestern Minnesota.

Eventually, our honeymoon of sunny/warm weather looks to break down late next week.  A powerful cold front is likely to swing through sometime around October 6 and give the area a chance of rain and highs in the 40s & 50s.


Thursday: Sunny, last day in the 60s for a while. H: upper 60s

Friday: Warming up…H: mid 70s

Saturday: Sunny, light southwest breeze. H: mid 70s

Sunday: Clear sky still dry. H: low 70s

Monday: Mostly sunny. H: low 70s

Iron Range snow Friday. Photo: Donna, Hibbing

Northeastern Minnesota received the first snow of the season last Friday.  Nearly a half an inch fell in the Iron Range.

Snow in September, while it’s rare, is not impossible in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  The snowiest was in 1942 when 1.7″ of snow fell in September.  The most recent September snow was 0.4″ in 1985.

We won’t have to worry about snow anytime soon but I’m sure winter riding has been on the mind of a lot of people recently.  Even I have been looking into beefing up my winter riding gear for the upcoming season.  I’ve been eyeing a fatbike for a year now.  Minnesotans have a way of embracing the cold…that’s what I love about this state.  Even the typically colder and snowier city of Winnipeg, Canada has recognized Minneapolis as being winter riding friendly.

Also, good news for those that crave the downhill!  IMBA is working with a group of people to design a sophisticated, gravity flow trail at Spirit Mountain.  Exciting!  Stay tuned for updates on when it officially opens!




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