An October-Looking Sky

Minnesota’s fall foliage is now 50% of peak color.  Northern MN should be at 100% peak color by the end of this month.  The longer, colder nights “up north” have really accelerated the color change.  In Effie, MN (way up north) the mercury in the thermometer dropped to 20 degrees on Tuesday morning.  Wowza.  A light frost can sometimes lead to a beautiful color display but a widespread hard freeze can ruin the foliage.  Our average first 32 degrees in the Twin Cities typically occurs around October 7.  The metro got down to 43 degrees Tuesday morning with an afternoon high of 61 degrees.  This was the coldest morning in the Twin Cities since April 28 and the coolest afternoon since May 8.

You gotta admit, the weather recently has been perfect for riding…not too warm, just the slightest chill in the air and dry.  I’m hoping that with Monday morning’s rain and Wednesday’s brief shower that the dust will be a little less on the trails.  A series of fast moving impulses in the upper atmosphere will kick off a quick rain Thursday night and again Friday night.  This should further settle the dirt.

Weather map showing forecast 500mb heights with vorticity. An upper level low is sitting over the Hudson Bay, Canada. Bundles of energy (vorticity) will be rotating counterclockwise around this low and then down into Minnesota. These vorticity maximums will be enough to produce showers Thursday night and Friday night.

Cool and somewhat cloudy weather will persist into the end of the week.  Total rainfall should stay under 0.25″ with some locations picking up between 0.25″-0.50″ of rain through Saturday.


Thursday: Mostly cloudy, rain Thursday night. H: mid 60s

Friday: Mostly cloudy, rain again Friday night. H: upper 50s

Saturday: Autumnal Equinox…first day of fall. Low clouds & cool. H: near 50°

Sunday: Sunny. H: upper 50s

Monday: Sunny and warmer. H: upper 60s

Laser Bike Light

It has been long understood that a physical barrier, as well as a visual barrier, can make road riding safer.  Sure, laser bike lights have been out for a while but now they are affordable (20 bones) and, for a geek like me, are pretty cool.


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