Sweater Weather

12 Hour Rainfall Totals

Lebanon: 0.35″
Murphy-Hanrehan: 0.44″
Theo: 0.26″
Carver Lake Park: 0.23″

The trails needed that quick burst of rain this morning to help cut down on the dust.  The expanding drought conditions were evident this past weekend as the trails were fast and bone dry.

The metro trails will see more rain and a reinforcing shot of cool air as another front slides through on Wednesday.  Temperatures will stay 5-10 degrees below normal through the week…great conditions for riding.


Tuesday: Sunny, breezy. H: around 60°

Wednesday: Isolated showers and thunderstorms. H: upper 60s

Thursday: Increasing clouds. Thunderstorms Thursday night. H: mid 60s

Friday: Partly cloudy. Cooler. H: upper 50s

Saturday: Cold morning (upper 30s). Sunny afternoon. H: upper 50s

Sunday: Sunny & slightly warmer. H: upper 60s

World Record Back On Home Turf

On September 13, 1922 in El Azizia, Libya the temperature reached 136.4°.  This has long been accepted as the hottest place in the world…until now.  The World Meteorological Organization did a thorough investigation and realized the resulting measurement had been flawed.  Now, the hottest place on Earth is right here in Death Valley, CA at a place called Furnace Creek where the temperature on July 10, 1913 shot up to 134 degrees.  You can check out other global extremes here.

Live Air Traffic

www.flightradar24.com.  This is a pretty cool site.  You can track live air traffic around the world and even get a cockpit view as the plane comes in for a landing.  Nerd out!

Top 10 Tornadoes Caught on Camera

Surveillance cameras sometimes do more than just monitor security…they can capture a tornado in progress!  Here is a top 10 list of the best tornadoes caught on surveillance camera including the E. Lake Street tornado in Minneapolis on August 19, 2009.




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