Fresh Canadian Breeze

View from Split Rock Lighthouse. Photo: D.J. Kayser

September is the month where change starts to become evident.  The amount of daylight is now decreasing a good 20 minutes per week.  Temperatures have started to steadily decline 3-4 degrees per week.  Thermometers in northern Minnesota have already dipped into the 30s overnight.  Cooler weather like this will definitely help to speed up the fall foliage which is expected to peak early this year.  As MORC Weather Blog fan, D.J. Kayser, points out, the leaves have already started to change along the North Shore near the Split Rock Lighthouse.

That cool, Canadian air on Friday never felt so good.  With the lower dewpoints and high pressure nosing in, our weather looks pretty darn nice for biking this weekend.  A few spots in central MN may see lows in the 30s (!) Saturday night.  Eventually, temperatures do warm above average next week.


Saturday: Sunny. A crisp north breeze. H: mid 70s

Sunday: Cool (cold?) morning. Temps rebound quickly throughout the afternoon. Sunny. H: mid 70s

Monday: Mostly sunny. Warming up. H: low 80s

Tuesday: Partly cloud & breezy. Showers Tuesday night. H: low 80s

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy.  A few showers. H: upper 70s

Arctic Sea Ice: A New Low

You may have heard.  The National Snow and Ice Data Center reports the lowest amount of Arctic sea ever recorded.  This new low even exceeds the 2007 previous record.  Speaking of which, I can’t resist showing the following video of a weathergirl gone rogue…



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