Once in a Blue Moon

Nighttime view of Isaac. NASA Earth Observatory image by Jesse Allen and Robert Simmon

What would you rather have?  A heat wave or a hurricane? I would gladly take the heat over a hurricane any day.  That’s the great thing about Minnesota…you don’t have to worry about landfalling hurricanes.  While we’re sweating it out up here, those along the northern Gulf Coast have been dealing with over 20″ of rain and winds up to 113 mph from Hurricane Isaac.

5 Day Rainfall

Isaac has been (slowly) weakening ever since it made landfall Tuesday night along the southeast coast of Louisiana.  The moisture remains of Isaac will start to trek north and could dump significant rain over parts of the Midwest.  Illinois and Indiana may see as much as 7 inches of rain this holiday weekend from the the leftovers of Isaac.  Our next chance of rain will be Sunday night, not from a tropical cyclone, but from a good ol’ fashion cold front.


The high temperatures Wednesday in the Twin Cities was 93 degrees.  Not quite to the record of 96 but it was our 27th day at or above 90 degrees this year.

Friday: Slightly “cooler”. H: upper 80s

Saturday: Mostly sunny. H: mid 80s

Sunday: Mostly sunny with thunderstorms, showers Sunday night. H: mid 80s

Labor Day: Mostly sunny. H: mid 80s

Tuesday: Sunny with a few showers and thunderstorms Tuesday night. H: low 80s

Even though Minnesota will miss out on the rain from Isaac, it’s not too uncommon to see moisture leftovers of tropical cyclones creep into the Upper Midwest.  Between 1950-2011, the highest rainfall Minnesota has received from a tropical cyclone is 3.83″ from Lester in 1992.

Be on the look out for the blue moon Friday the 31st.  There was one full moon already on August 1st and, thanks to modern folklore, a second full moon within one month is referred to as the blue moon.  But does the moon actually turn blue?  Turns out, on rare occasions, it can happen.


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