Heat But No Hurricane

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We have some serious heat on the way starting Wednesday…the type of heat where you’ll want to ride either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  Record-breaking temperatures are expected Thursday as the mercury tops 100 degrees.  The air should stay pretty dry (which means humidity levels will stay in check) but dry air does warm up faster.  An excessive heat watch is in effect for the metro on Thursday.  Temperatures will stay above normal through the upcoming holiday weekend.  The next chance of rain will be Sunday night and on Labor Day Monday.


Wednesday: The heat wave begins. Sunny. H: low 90s

Thursday: Hottest day of the week. H: at or slightly above 100° Record: 96°

Friday: Not crazy hot but temps remain above average. Mostly sunny. H: upper 80s

Saturday: Mostly sunny. H: upper 80s

Sunday: Nice day for the BBQ. Campers heads up: thunderstorms Sunday night H: near 90

Labor Day: A few showers and thunderstorms. Cooler. H: lower 80s

While we sweat it out in the Midwest, those along the northern Gulf Coast are preparing for a landfalling hurricane.  Hurricane Isaac will make landfall early Wednesday morning in southeastern Louisiana with sustained winds of up to 80 mph.

Isaac has a large diameter with strong winds, storm surge and heavy rain extending a good distance out from the center.  In other words, this storm cloud be more damaging than a smaller storm with similar winds.  Isaac is not another Katrina but it just goes to show how vulnerable locations along the Gulf Coast are to tropical cyclones.  Of the 11 most dangerous hurricanes in North America, 5 have occurred within the last 8 years.  Katrina was the most costliest U.S. weather-related disaster at $100 billion.

Isaac will be slow to make landfall, therefore, heavy rain and flooding will be a threat in southern Louisiana and Mississippi.  Once on land, all the long range models are depicting Isaac moving north and then to the right into the Ohio Valley where beneficial rain could put a serious dent in the drought across Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.  At this point, I’m not expecting MN to see any rain from Isaac.  Our rain Sunday through Labor Day will come from a good ol’ fashion cold front.

Rainfall Forecast of Isaac Leftovers by the Weekend

2 thoughts on “Heat But No Hurricane

  1. I never see anyone comment on these so I figured I would. Its good to hear a real weather person not trying to drum up drama by comparing this storm to Katrina. Keep up the good work and try and keep cool in that heat!

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