Heat Wave to End Summer

Last nights of summer. Photo: Tracey Anthony

Summer isn’t ready to quit just yet.  This will be the hottest week of the entire month as high temperatures approach record territory.  Some readings may even get over 100 degrees in southwestern MN by Thursday.  The late summer heat wave is expected to continue into the weekend.

Consider us lucky.  While we deal with hot sunshine, Mississippi and Louisiana are bracing for a landfalling hurricane in about 36-48 hours.  Isaac is expected to hit land Wednesday morning somewhere between the Florida Panhandle and New Orleans.  Louisiana has already called for evacuation of 53,000 residents, hundreds of flights have been cancelled in the southeast and the GOP has postponed the first day of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL.

Isaac is a rather large tropical cyclone, therefore, storm surge (wall of water created by persistent, strong winds) will be the greatest threat along the Gulf Coast.  After Wednesday, Isaac will weaken over land as it’s moisture source is essentially cut off but over 15″ of rain will easily fall across Biloxi, MS and Mobile, AL.  Then Isaac’s moisture leftovers are expected to travel into the lower Great Lakes this weekend potentially producing excessive rainfall somewhere in the Midwest.  By this time, a cold front is expected to run through MN (which will help push the majority of the leftovers southeast of the state) but the southerly moisture may interact with this front to produce heavy rain across the area.  Therefore, we may (indirectly) see some of the moisture remains of Isaac this weekend.


Tuesday: The heat begins. Sunny. H: lower 90s

Wednesday: Clear, hot. H: mid 90s

Thursday:  The hottest day of the week. H: upper 90s

Friday: Partly cloudy. H: low 90s

Saturday: The heat continues. H: low 90s

Sunday: Thunderstorm chances from Isaac leftovers. Not as hot. H: mid 80s

Record High Temperatures

The following records could be in jeopardy this week.

Tuesday: 94°
Wednesday: 96°
Thursday: 96°
Friday: 94°

Despite this week’s heat wave, the longer and relatively cooler nights have started to change the leaf color.  The fall colors may peak a little early this year due to an early spring green-up and the recent dry weather according to MN State Climatologist, Mark Seeley.

Courtesy: MN DNR

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