June Preview

Mammoth Trail

The trails are opened and it feels so therapeutic to ride the dirt again. The weekend wind really helped to dry out and firm up the metro trails. Saturday’s wind was sustained at 20 mph with gusts repeatedly up to 30 mph.

Check out the weekend wind data from this weather reporting stations just to the north of Theo. The wind routinely gust to 37 mph during the afternoon Saturday. To the benefit riders the trees buffeted a lot of the wind in the woods.


Now that the wind direction has shifted more southerly, the air temperature can climb out of the 50s and into the 70s 7 80s. The much anticipated warmth (heat?) is coming on Tuesday with highs approaching 90 degrees. June 2 is the average first date of 90 degree weather, so this heat comes a little ahead of schedule. Our next chance of rain on the trails will be Friday and into the weekend.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny, hot. H: 90 Wind: S 10-15

Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy, mild. L: 61 Wind: WNW 7-9

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, relatively cooler. H: 78 L: 57 Wind: W 2-4

Thursday: Increasing clouds. H: 80 L: 59 Wind: S 2-4

Friday: Showers & thunderstorms. Severe weather stays south. H: 78 L: 63 Wind: SE 10-15

Saturday: Rain & thunder. H: 83 L: 64 Wind: S 7-9

Tornado Drought

We are currently experiencing a lull in tornado activity across the country. The 12 month period from May 2012-April 2013 had the lowest tornado count since the early 1990′s. The last time the Twin Cities National Weather Service issued a tornado warning was 259 days ago. It’s been 3,799 days since the Eureka California NWS issued a tornado warning!

Greater Risk of Trail Erosion

With a warming climate, the risk of heavier precipitation events is increasing because there’s more evaporation, therefore, more water vapor and also because warmer air can hold more water vapor. This map shows that every part of the country has experienced an increase in extreme precipitation events, especially the Northeast. For the Midwest, there is a 45% increase from 1958-2011 in the amount of precipitation falling in heavy events. This may mean a greater risk of trail erosion whenever it does rain.

90 Next Week

Yes, the rumors are true. The Twin Cities may make a run at 90 degrees on Tuesday!


Saturday: MUCH cooler. Sunny and windy. H: 51 Wind: NW 10-15 G 20

Saturday Night: Clear & cold. Winds calm allowing frost to form. L: 32 Wind: NW 2-4

Sunday: Slightly warmer, especially in the sun. H: 56 L: 41 Wind: NW 7-9

Monday: South wind begins the warming. Partly cloudy. H: 70 L: 58 Wind: SE 7-9

Tuesday: Warmest day of the week! Partly sunny & windy. H: 91 L: 64 Wind: SW 10-15 G 25

Wednesday: Isolated thunderstorms. H: 77 L: 57 Wind: 10-15 G 20

Minnesota mountain bikers are itching to hit the dirt. I know, I know…I wanna shred some singletrack just as much as the next guy but many trails continue to remain closed due to soggy soils. It’s no wonder, south-central Minnesota is off to a record wet start to the year. Precipitation for the first 4 months of the year (Jan.-April) amounted to 11.17 inches, surpassing the previous record wet first four months from 2001 (10.27 inches), according to MN State Climatologist Mark Seeley.

Lebanon Hills weather reporting station

Take Lebanon Hills trail for example. A weather reporting station right next to the park shows that the trail has received precipitation 5 out of the past 10 days with a monthly total of 1.20 inches.

May Precip at Lebanon

Trails should begin to firm-up this week. Gusty winds this weekend combined with dry weather should help improve the trail conditions. In addition, an unusually strong high pressure ridge will slide into the Midwest early next week and result in 80-90 degree temperatures.

A blocking pattern takes hold over the country next week. Two storms along either coast and high pressure wedged in between resulting in dry and borderline hot conditions.

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